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Mixed media and digital artist

I experiment with the photographic surface. Each work is the result of a particular process. All my images begin as photographs. I stand back and photograph landscapes, structures and spaces. I move in closely to photograph textures and surfaces. Inspired by colours and textures I also paint with water colours, acrylics and oils, which are then photographed. I might paint directly onto the surface of the photograph or I digitally layer photographs of textures and paint over other images. In the digital darkroom I disrupt the picture plane by breaking through the surface of one photograph to reveal another. The digital rubbing out of one photograph to reveal parts of another is a considered, time consuming and ritualistic process.

Ultimately each work is the result of a particular process aimed at exploring and communicating impressions of a time and place and the impact of the moment. I want to share my impressions, not only of what a place looked like but also what it felt like. To accomplish this I also physically transform the surfaces of photographs, attempting to see how much information is retained or left after the surface is pulled off, fragmented and reassembled, bringing to mind the way in which we remember and forget; which impressions last and which fade away.

I find interest and beauty in stark places. I am drawn to the imperfect, impermanent, modest and humble. My work is about the impact of a moment.  Standing in the heat of the Northern Cape summer, photographing a mine dump as a group of ostriches walk by, oblivious to me, is what exhilarates me. Sharing the impact of that moment is why I do and what I do.



Upcoming: GFI Art Gallery. Changing the Narrative. In Celebration of Woman's month. 21July - 3 September 2021.


2021       Same Size, Same Price, No signature Exhibition. Art on Target. 


2019       Same Size, Same Price, No signature Exhibition. Art on Target.



2018       Signs of the Times, Galerie Noko, Port Elizabeth

2017        Solo Exhibition, Backroads, National Arts Festival fringe, Grahamstown

2017        Modern Miniatures Exhibition, selected works, GFI Gallery, Grahamstown

2016        Solo Exhibition, Along the Way, National Arts Festival fringe, Grahamstown

2016        Artec Showcase, 2015/2016 Winners Showcase Exhibition, Artec, Port Elizabeth

2015        Solo Exhibition, Surface, National Arts festival fringe, Grahamstown

2014        Group Exhibition, The SEAD Collective, ARTEC Gallery, Port Elizabeth

2014        Group Exhibition, The SEAD Collective, National Arts Festival, Grahamstown

2013        National Arts Festival, Modern Miniatures Exhibition, Grahamstown

2013        Modern Miniatures Exhibition, selected works, ART Gallery, Port Elizabeth







2017      Four works acquired by the William Humphreys Gallery Awards

2017      Honourable mention at the 98th ARTEC Annual exhibition

2015      Merit Award, 96th ARTEC Annual exhibition

2010      Merit Award, EPSAC Annual Exhibition

Digital Photographic and Video Editor for Bev de Lange’s “Strange Worlds” exhibited in Mixed Realities, distorting the instinctual through digital art. Albert Van Abbehuis Gallery, Eindhoven


Digital video editor. Creating and editing a video of time-lapsed imagery for the artist Bev de Lange. The video created will form part of a practical component submission in practice-led art and a D.Litt et Phil.qualification at UNISA.  


Gallery Collections


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